"To ensure the best return for our investors,

SLIG subsidiaries play an essential role in SLIG's success."

- Micheal Sabet, Vice President

Strategic Legacy Realty Headquarters, Inc.

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Strategic Legacy Realty Headquarters, Inc. has an integrated platform that provides full real estate services whether it be to reside, invest, or manage.

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Strategic Legacy Management, Corp is a full service property management company that offers services to commercial & residential property owners in the Greater Los Angeles area and surrounding cities. 

Together, they ensure the proper administration of all of SLIG's assets. 

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We Strategic Development Corporation focuses on designing and developing senior living facilities.

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We Strategic LCC maintains and operates our senior living facilities. 

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SLIG Prime Industries, LLC is our alternative investment vehicle  that works closely with the executive board and investors to find new investment solutions


SLIG High-Interest Liquid Saving Company is a savings vehicle designed to provide higher returns through it's unique promissory note program.