Social Security and What it Means for You....

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

From the Desk of Nancy Noor:

Four years after coming to the United States, I began working in the banking and financial industry at Bank of America. This is when I started to see how money is moved and circulated between banks, governments, and consumers.

I entered the fast moving and exciting world of investments, retirement, & Social Security.

Every day I witnessed two different types of retirees. On one hand, we would have the retirees that invested in saving for their retirement, and on the other hand, we had those retirees that were solely dependent on their social security to help maintain their life after retirement. Unfortunately, for those who thought social security would be enough, they quickly found out that it was not.

After six years of working in the banking industry, I decided to take on a new venture and became an entrepreneur. I found myself on the other side of the teller window, the consumer side, having to constantly make financial decisions not only for myself but for my family as well. I realized that being an employee on its own was not enough, and soley depending on Social Security would not be enough to be able to maintain the lifestyle I want by the time I decided to retire.

In 2006, I entered the risk mitigation sector, as a licensed professional in the insurance industry. This is where it hit home and I witnessed and experienced first hand that social security would not be enough to survive, and from that point on moving forward I began building my personal wealth, independent of what Social Security may or may not offer down the line.

Through my years of working in the financial industry, specifically as a Retirement Administrator, I worked with different kinds of people. Those that have no plan for retirement, those that have a wrong plan, and others that even though they had a good plan for their retirement, they simply had a bad advisor.

Don’t let my good looks fool you... Now that I am at the full age of retirement, I see that my assumption about Social Security was right! Social Security Is Just A Myth... The money I currently receive from Social Security hardly covers half of my property taxes!

My biggest advice to the younger generation: You must realize that Social Security may not be there by the time you hit retirement age, and so it is important that you must have a strong financial plan ahead of time, to live a better and fulfilling life after retirement.

Nancy Noor

Retirement Plan Chief Administrator

Strategic Legacy Investment Group, Inc.

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