SLIG High Return Liquid Savings

Updated: May 22, 2020

With Minimal effort, you can boost your savings return, even if your balance is small with SLIG PROMISSORY NOTE.


1- Direct transaction with the borrower: All our promissory notes are processed directly with us. No middle man.

2- SAFETY: All our promissory notes are backed by California lending laws and by SLiG’s portafolio of assets.

3 - SECURE: All proposing notes are backed by SLiG’s portafolio of assets

4- NO FEES: Like many others we do not charge fees per transaction.

5- NO PENALTIES: You can liquidated your investment in 18-90 days depending the amount without penalties.

6- MONTHLY INTEREST PAYMENTS: For example, if you sign a $150,000 promissory note at 7.19%, we will deposit the amount of $898.75 every month directly into your account for a year. RATES 5.30% - $6,000 to $35.000 6.02% - $35.001 to $85,000 7.19% - $85,001 to $235,000 8.03% - $235,001to $450,000+ Any note over $400,000 becomes a negotiated note, meaning the terms and interest are subject to our mutual agreement.

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