La Costa Living Estates - Press Release

Dear investors,

Strategic Legacy Investment Group Inc. and its Subsidiaries announces termination of Sherman Weston Harmer as the Senior Project Manager of La Costa Living Estates, a Senior Housing Project under We Strategic Development Corporation.

Strategic Legacy Investment Group Inc. began implementing large scale new procedural and restructuring plans of its departments and Subsidiaries in the second half of 2019.  This mission continues till this day and was launched successfully by the Board of Directors in an effort to increase efficiency, decrease costs, and to be able to deliver better results to its investors. Although much work has been done, we still have ways to go.

As part of such efforts, Strategic Legacy Investment Group Inc. along with La Costa Legacy Members majority vote have decided to terminate Sherman Weston Harmer services from La Costa Living Estates field position as Senior Project Manager effective immediately. Any and all communication in regards to La Costa Living Estates should be redirected to Project Manager Mr. Michael Sabet who can be reached at the address and number below.  

Michael Sabet

Project Manager

La Costa Living Estates LLC

221 East 12th Street, penthouse

Los Angeles, CA  90015

(310) .846.801

Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Michael Sabet, Project Manager or Melita Kohanteb, Interim Chief Operating Officer and La Costa Living Estates Communication Director.

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