PRESS RELEASE: Hooman’s Departure: Farewell Amigo...


Strategic Legacy Investment Group Inc. & Its Subsidiaries announce the departure of Hooman Nosratifar and release of all his duties as of April 24th, 2020. Hooman started with the company during its infancy stage several years ago in the Investor Relations department as an intern with limited knowledge of Syndication and the Investment world with the exception of his experience in the Real Estate Industry.

He was initially mentored by Shahriar Davidesfahani, Senior Investor Relations Consultant at the time, and began his career as a consultant. In just a few years, under very close mentorship with Abraham Mehrian, he earned his position of Senior Investor Relations Consultant in 2018. Since then, Hooman has grown more and more independent with his own brokerage firm and car business and continued to shift his direction for most of 2019.

He has stopped attending most crucial and important meetings conducted by Strategic Legacy Investment Group Inc. & Its Subsidiaries, including project updates, balance sheets, and manager meetings for the projects in the fall of 2019.

This distancing conflicts with the duties and responsibilities assigned to him as the Senior Investor Relations Consultant resulting in no longer having firsthand knowledge of the development projects and the overall health and direction of SLIG. Hooman’s departure was quickly accepted as the dedication and the level of performance required by his position was no longer reflected in his work.

It was evident to us that his concentration and commitment has been elsewhere. We are very happy and proud of Hooman’s accomplishments and it gives us great pleasure to know that we were a part of his newfound path.

Although we are saying farewell to Hooman, we are not saying goodbye as Hooman is and has always been a great co-worker, mentor, and more importantly a friend to many individuals in the organization.

Best Wishes,

Strategic Legacy Investment Group, Inc. & Its Subsidiaries

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