A Message From The Desk Of Michael Sabet

Vice President & Member of The Board of Directors

Dearest Partners,

2020 has been a tumultuous year thus far. In early March we were struck by the Covid-19 Pandemic which completely altered the way we live, work and socialize amongst each other.

We were asked to stay home and stop going to work. We were told that we didn’t have to pay rent, government backed lenders were asked to grant forbearance to borrowers and the central bank printed money by the trillions to stimulate the economy. Banks completely changed their lending practices, the stock market took an initial nose dive, and transactions nearly came to a complete stop.

As we began to see the curve flatten and we prepared to open the economy, we were hit with a very different issue. Years of animosity suddenly boiled over in the wake of the senseless and brutal murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Protests began all over the world and people took to the streets in protest to fight for social justice and change in this country. As a country we have come a long way. We have abolished slavery, overturned Jim Crow, and have continued making progress for civil rights. However, with George Floyd’s death we sadly realized that there is much more to do and in almost every major city in America, our voices have echoed through the streets for change.

We at Strategic Legacy Investment Group, Inc. are proud of the diversity within our organization. We are blessed to have people within our organization from all walks of life and value the character that they all possess. We support the peaceful protests of all concerned citizens and thank all of our local law enforcement for protecting us while we practice our constitutional 1st amendment rights. In the end, we live in the greatest country Gd ever created, with the freedom that only Americans possess. Although this year has not gone the way we all expected, we stay committed to serving you and thank you for your continued belief in us.

Michael Sabet

Vice President & Member of The Board of Directors

Strategic Legacy Investment Group, Inc.

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