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In the past, only the wealthiest and most connected individuals could participate in real estate syndications, Today real estate syndication is a way for investors to pool their financial and intellectual resources to invest in properties and projects much bigger than they could afford or manage on their own. 

With stock and bond markets in turmoil, you need seamless access to smart, stable investments. Create a more defensive portfolio with real estate and improve your risk-adjusted returns.




Discussing the Numbers

The national savings rate isn’t as important as your personal savings rate. We’ve grown so accustomed to spending money that it really is time to take a second look at our budgets and start pulling in the reins a little bit.




1) Direct transaction with the borrower: All our promissory notes are processed directly with us. No middle man.


2) Safety: All our promissory notes are backed by California lending laws.


3) Secure: All proposing notes are backed by SLiG’s portfolio of assets


4) No Fees: Like many others, we do not charge fees per transaction.


5) No Penalties: You can liquidate your investment in 18-90 days depending on the amount without penalties.


6) Guaranteed Interest Payments Options: Monthly semi-annual, annual payment options.


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What Are Self-Directed Retirement Plans? 

Self-directed retirement plans allow plan owners to invest their retirement savings into alternative asset classes. The key feature is the ability to invest in alternative assets beyond conventional investments such as mutual funds, stocks and bonds, such a real estate.

For many retirees, saving enough for their golden years is only part of the formula for a good retirement. Financial advisors frequently see retirees who worked hard and socked away enough money to fund their nonworking days, only to discover in retirement that, well, they’re unhappy. Retirement investments are about income and how to balance a secure portfolio. Strategic Legacy Investment Group, Inc. understands that every situation and retirement is unique. Whether you are already retired or a Baby Boomer or Millennial planning for retirement, you will need specialized solutions that require planning stages. At SLIG we help you discover new ideas while working with each client closely with attention to Social Security Analysis, Long Term Care Insurance, Equity Positions, and Guaranteed Income