La Costa Living Estates

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PROJECT DESIGN The senior housing market has continued to offer the same type of care and housing for years. We have designed a new way of living on a concierge level of service. Rather than building a "hospital" typesetting, we will be offering individual single homes, all together, within its own gated neighborhood. Each home will have six residences and a caretaker. Residences will be able to have their "own" home and still belong to the community. 


22 acres, 18homes, 108 beds offering Assisted Living and Memory Care. Mild Cognitive Inpatient (MCI), and Hospice, all

PROJECT LOCATION Nestled upon the bluff, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and world-famous Batiquitos Lagoon, in La Costa, California. Supreme Location with expansive views and above the nature preserve. Truly one of the best locations in Southern California. 

PROJECT AMENITIES Walking trails, on-site farm-fresh food, gardening, art therapy, music therapy, pet therapy, beach walks, state hiking, and viewing trails, individualized care programs, individualized fitness/wellness programs, theater, prayer room, housekeeping services, laundry services, flat linen services, transportation services, outings and events, 24-hour nursing, country store, aromatherapy, library, community center, swimming pool, spa, water aerobics, emergency response, sensory-based comfort measures.


Senior Project Manager - Weston Harmer

Project Manager- Michael Sabet

Assistant Project Manager- Anna Larson


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